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Community Liaison Group

Keeping the local community up to date with what’s happening on this project has been a key priority for the BDR Waste Partnership right from the start. Regular local consultation events and community drop-in information sessions were held, newsletters issued, and the website developed and regularly updated.

A Community Liaison Group (CLG) was established to create a regular communication channel between local communities and the contract team. The 12-strong group is made up of members of the public who expressed an interest in the waste treatment facility at Manvers, and local councillors.

The independent group meets regularly and meetings are attended by the BDR Manager and representatives of 3SE who can answer questions about the facilities.

If you have an issue you would like raising at a meeting of the group, please contact Abi Cox (contact details below).

Community Liaison Group - Minutes from meetings

The minutes from the last meeting are available to download.

See minutes from our group meetings

Chairman of Community Liaison Group

Steve Emmett (right) has been re-elected to serve as chairman of the Community Liaison Group during 2018.

Steve is retired after 41 years in the steel industry, primarily managing IT services and infrastructure across the UK for a multi-national company. He was involved in several multi-million pound divestment projects, initially securing the jobs of 2,000 workers.

Married with two grown up children and two young grandchildren, he now works part-time in a consultancy role. "I'm passionate about the area where I grew up in and live, and I'm also proud of my working class roots," says Steve.

Community Liaison Group (CLG) Chair Steve Emmett

Community focus

Working with the recyclers of tomorrow in schools across Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham is a key focus for Abi Cox (right).

She’s Shanks’ Community Education Liaison Officer for the BDR waste facility.

Based in the purpose built Visitor Centre, off Bolton Road, Manvers, Abi is on a mission to spread the word about why waste matters. She’s keen to show how every one of us can make a difference by reducing our waste through activities such as composting, re-using things we might otherwise throw away and increasing our recycling.

Abi loves her work and explains:

“I don’t have a typical day because my job is so varied, but the common theme is helping people to understand how they can make a difference,” she said.

“The more informed people are about their waste and the processes behind treating it, the more they are able to sustainably manage that waste.”

One of her key projects is ‘It’s a Rubbish Adventure’ where children take part in a workshop at the BDR Visitor Centre to learn more about what can be recycled and how. The fun, hands-on interactive workshop was developed jointly with Magna Science Adventure Centre. Pupils share ideas, learn about different ways to separate waste, and practice with the aid of air cannons, blow pipes and electromagnetic cranes. They learn about what happens to leftover household rubbish when it reaches the waste treatment facility at Manvers and the different engineering processes involved.

  • This is also available as an outreach workshop for schools. For more details please contact Abi on or 01709 765350

Said Abi: “I work with young people aged four and upwards, getting information out there. You’d be surprised what they go home and tell their parents about waste and recycling.”

So, from the classrooms she has visited so far, what are the three main misconceptions about what we do?

  • “All the material we recycle at home ends up in landfill anyway.”

This just isn’t true, there are a lot of processes in place to make sure as little waste as possible goes to landfill from the re-use options like furniture projects and charity shops, the recycling services offered on the doorstep by the local Councils and facilities like Manvers.

  • “No one else really recycles.”

Actually 90% of people are actively involved in recycling in some way.

  • “Recycling isn’t worthwhile”

We all need to do our bit to make sure that we reduce, re-use and recycle as much of our waste as possible as recycling can save energy, water, natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

For example the energy required to make one brand new aluminium drinks can is roughly the same as the energy needed to recycle 20 cans. And every ton of glass that is recycled back into glass bottles and jars saves 1.2 tons of raw materials from being used.


Abi also organises local campaigns including National Recycling Week and Love Food Hate Waste.

Community visits

If you are a member of a community group such as the Women’s Institute, Rotary Club or a Friends Group who would be interested in having a visit to site to learn more about the facility and what we do please contact Abi at or on 01709 765350.

Abi Cox

David Packham Memorial

David Packham Memorial

A tree and flowers have been planted at the Manvers facility alongside a plaque in memory of the founding chairman of the Community Liaison Group, David Packham, who died suddenly. The ceremony was attended by members of David's family, the CLG and the Shanks and BDR Team,

Abi Cox
Community Education Liaison Officer

BDR Waste Treatment Facility
Bolton Road, Manvers
Rotherham, S63 7LL

Office - 01709 765350

Mobile - 07814 302 297