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Rubbish challenge

Published: Tuesday, 21st October 2014

Teams of children will be taking part in a rubbish challenge at Magna Science Adventure Centre when a new project is launched on 29th October.

“It’s a Rubbish Adventure” lifts the lid on the tonne of rubbish each household throws away every year, to find out what it contains and what happens to it next.  Pupils will be challenged to look through a black bin bag and reclaim all the useful stuff.

The visitor attraction has joined forces with Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham (BDR) Waste Partnership and Shanks Waste Management who are building a new facility at Manvers in Rotherham to process the leftover household waste rather than send it to landfill.

Workshops aimed at Key Stage Two pupils will give them the opportunity to use conveyor belts, air blowers and electromagnets to separate the waste and look at how it can be turned into something useful.

Magna’s education manager, Stuart Ballard, said:  “The workshops will show the processes involved in moving, sorting, re-using and recycling the waste, just as it will be done at the new waste treatment facility at Manvers.”

Engineers from Shanks will be working with Magna to deliver the workshops. Shanks contracts director, Colin Fletcher, said:  “This is really all about getting children interested in recycling and excited about engineering, encouraging them to think about it as a career choice.”

BDR manager, Beth Clarke, said:  “The new facility will revolutionise the disposal of household waste in the area, increasing recycling, reducing the amount sent to landfill, making energy from waste and creating new jobs. It’s great to have this opportunity to team up with Magna to involve children in what we are trying to achieve.”

The hands-on sessions for seven to 11-year-olds are supported by a grant of £28,000 from The Royal Academy of Engineering, as part of a public education scheme aimed at encouraging budding engineers of the future.

As well as workshops at Magna, there will be outreach sessions in local schools.