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Changes to waste collections in Rotherham

Published: Monday, 14th May 2018

Following a major public consultation in which almost 7,000 people took part, changes to Rotherham Borough Council's waste collection service have been approved.

Free collection of garden waste will end on 26th October, to be replaced with an optional, all year round, chargeable garden waste collection service from 29th October 2018. Plastics will now be collected from the kerbside. In addition, 240 litre size black bins for residual waste will be replaced with 180 litre ones. The 240 litre black bins will become the new recycling bins for plastics, glass and cans. New brown bins will be provided for the new chargeable garden waste service. The existing green wheelie bin will be used for paper and card. A procurement exercise is being carried out and dates for the changeover will be confirmed when this is finalised. There will be a publicity campaign to keep householders informed about the timetable for the changes.